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Download Game War Song (ウォーソング)v1.1.28 Apk terbaru For Android Release - Pada kesempatan kita kali ini akan membahas mengenai sebuah game MOBA yang terbaru untuk Anda rasakan di Android Anda tentunya dengan gameplay yang lebih menarik dan terdapat kelebihan dari game tersebut yang sudah dibuat oleh Sixjoy limited dan sudah di update pada 18 januari 2018 dan sudah bisa Anda mainkan namun masih di dalam server jepang jadi Anda bisa memainkannya jika perlu menggunakan vpn ke server jepang.

 War Song (ウォーソング Apk terbaru MOBA

Dalam Game War Song MOBA Apk Latest Android Kali ini tentunya memiliki Grafik yang sudah berkualitas Fill high definition tidak kalah dengan game moba lainnya yang lebih dahulu, Nah pada game ini memiliki kelebihan yakni Cuaca Siang dan Malam yang terdapat dalam game tersebutu yang pastinya akan memberikan suasana yang berbeda dari game MOBA baru etrsebut.

Namun game etrsebut masih belum keadaan globalnya jadi bahasa yang ada di dalam game tersebut masih berbahasa jepang dan belum berbahasa Inggris namun jika Anda rasakan game etrsebut memiliki daya tarik tersendiri dan juga memiliki Grafik yang sempurna serta pastinya hero-hero yang baru beserta Gear, Skill, minion dan lainnya yang wajib Anda rasakan dan memiliki perbedaan dari game lain, langsung saja bagi Anda yang penasaran download saja game tersebut pada link yang sudah disediakan.

Fitur :

fight in cooperation with fellow! "Enemy destruction team battle."

  • Hero, the arrangement of the facility of the map of the structure and friend or foe, efficiently move of the tips in the team according to the movement of the enemy. Roll combination of team members is important, higher strategic.

operation can enjoy even beginners a simple

  • Movement of the virtual pad is intuitive and smooth, (continuous attack on the press leave) attack button to the enemy, UI arrangement such as the skill button is also optimized for mobile devices, it is possible to play stress-free and simple . Even in MOBA game beginner, you can progress in a short period of time.

charming heroes

  • Such as the knight, guardian, witch elves, appeared heroes of various races is more than 20! Skills also have a different performance, such as physical and magic and control type. In addition, the hero has been avatar several types available, enhance also back story.

take advantage of the hero of the roll (role)

  • The appeared to hero, is set 6 types of roles of tank Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman support (role) is, or combine any role for each team, or be activated at any timing skills, multi-Battle incandescent that war situation changes from moment to moment!

free to choose the skin of hero

  • More than 20 people appeared to Hero, can be sortie in a wide variety of attractive skin.

visual fantasy and near future is fusion

  • Map of the graphics are beautiful in the real, facility, etc. hero and facilities are divided draw to make it easier to determine. Skill effects of hero also de flashy, motion is a feature from moving smoothly.

Multiplayer incandescent in 5vs5

  • The comfortable matching system, at any time to enjoy the battle of a maximum of 5vs5! "Free match" in the can quickly battle matching and domestic players.

a variety of game modes

  • The CPU to the other party, CPU warfare can practice by changing the degree of difficulty, also a training mode that can practice, such as basic operation and mock warfare of the game installed.

Japanese voice of the hero is in charge of gorgeous actors

  • Heroes of various races, the navigation voice to convey the war situation, recorded Japanese voice that gorgeous actors played. Voice is reproduced even at the time of skill activated and attacks, liven up the battle!
Tampilan game War Song (ウォーソング)Apk Moba terbaru Android :

 War Song New Moba japan Day Light Apk Terbaru

Game Informasi :
  • Name War Song(ウォーソング)
  • version 1.1.28
  • File type Apk
  • For Platform Android 4.4 And up
  • Genre MOBA
  • Mode Online
  • Size Apk 70MB
  • By Sixjoy limited
  • update 18 Januari 2018
  • Jappanese Language
  • No Mod yet
Link Download Game War Song (ウォーソング)New MOBA Day Light Cycle Apk Terbaru Android :

File Apk

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