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Download Game Summertime Saga  v0.15.3 Apk Data Full release terbaru update For Android  - Pada kesempatan ita kali ini akan membahas mengenai sebuah game yang sangat popular dari dating simulatornya yang sudah lama dirilis dan kali ini kembali mendapatkan update versinya ke yang terbaru yang tentunya mendapatkan scene baru, fix bug new karakter dan fitur lainnyayang pasti sudah di perbarui dan terus update kembali, yang sudah dibuat oleh renphy dan sudah di update pada 17 april 2018

Dalam update v15.3 kali ini tentunya mendapatkan berbagai fitur tambahan dari versi 14 nya, tentu saja dengan save data yang masih bisa Anda gunakan dalam versi 14 tersebut dan hanya melanjutkan ke scene selanjutnya, dan juga bagai karakter baru fix bug yangterjadi dan akan update kembali yang sudah sedang dalam perjalanan yakni apda versi 0.16 yang nantinya akan kembali hadir dengan scene baru serta gameplay yang lebih baik lagi.

entunya game tersebut memerankan seorang remaja yang tinggal di sebuah kota yang sedang menyelesaikan sekolahnya dan ingin berlanjut kuliah namun harus terhenti dengan ayahnya yang meninggal, Kemudian dimulailah cerita yang seru dari Remaja tersebut, Kisah dari bertemu dengan semua wanita dan melanjutkan ke scene terbaru pada versi 0.15.3 ini, langsung saja bagi Anda yang ingin mendownloadnya silahkan download pada link yang sudah disediakan.

Fitur v0.15 :

  • New locations:
  • School : Right hallway, Assembly hall, Bridget's office, Students lockers
  • Map : Beach house 
  • Forest : Waterfall, Cave
  • Front yards : Church, Library, Gym
  • Main Menu & UI:
  • Cookie Jar feature : allows players to unlock, collect and replay all hscenes
  • Menu time spent in-game counter
  • Menu and in-game VFX improvements (clouds)
  • Removed Goal Tracker temporarily
  • New Characters :
  • French teacher
  • Music teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Art teacher
  • Students (Eve, Erik, Kevin, Roxxy, Judith, Annie, Dexter, Chad, Mia) buttons across the school
  • New Minigames :
  • A guitar hero-like minigame
  • Quizzes for French, Art and Science.
  • New hscenes:
  • 3 animated for Dewitt
  • 1 animated and 4 lewd for Okita
  • 1 animated and 1 lewd for Bissette
  • 1 animated and 2 lewd for Ross
  • Annie, Roxxy, Eve, and Judith lewd scenes
  • New dialogues:
  • School intro
  • Randomised PA announcements
  • Some characters have had their dialogues modified due to Patreon guidelines patch (boo!)
  • Rework of the codebase:
  • New Location system, that will be implemented in the near future
  • New method for doing minigames, and old minigames being redone with this method (it will fix the timer bars being faster/slower depending on device specs)
  • New Items management solution, in order to fix save file compatibility issues.
  • Some old characters have been moved to the new FSM (Functional State Machine) flow, begone, deprecated Events system !
  • General cleanup of the codebase, removing old unused variables, and working towards a more object-oriented codebase
  • Reworking the overall structure of the codebase, to allow more efficient work, and less merge conflicts
  • Ability to add descriptions to your saved games
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Judith texting you constantly
  • Fix minigame timer bars behaving inconsistently across different devices
Changelog v15.3 

  • Fixed the Diane garden shovel check being inverted.
  • Fixed mia referring to the old homework instead of the new dictionary quest.
  • Fixed Jenny stealing more money from you than you have when you buy her panties. (Goddammit Jenny)
  • Fixed Okita goggles giving an error due to her period. (this period ., not the one you're thinking. Perv)
  • Fixed the attic key not being taken when you try to take it. (evasion skill level 100)
  •  Fixed paying Jenny to help convince Roxxy not actually taking money. (Jenny is so confusing at times)
  • Fixed Okita key-code item giving an error when looking at it from the inventory.
Tampilan game Summertime saga v0.15.3 Apk update :

Game informasi :
  • Name Simmertime Saga
  • version 0.15.3
  • File type Apk
  • For Platform android 4.1 and up
  • Genre Simulator
  • Mode Offline
  • Size 541MB
  • By Ren'phy
  • With Save Data
Cara Install Game Summertime Saga With Save Data :
  • Install Game Summer Saga Apk Di Android Anda
  • Untuk Save data ekstrak dan Pindahkan folder save Ke Penyimpanan/Android/Data/summer.time.saga/files/saves Paste disini
  • Buka Game dan Dan Tap LOAD Kemudian Tap Box Image
Link Download Game summertime saga v0.15.3 Apk Full update + Savedata terbaru :

File Apk Full 

Save data

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